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Wiser Wednesday: No Shortcuts to Uniting CDI, Coding & Physicians!

January's Wiser Wednesday-Experience Speaks podcast where Glenn Krauss invites our Special Guests:

  • Dr. Vedi Patel, a practicing hospitalist in Chicago
  • Elaine Maldonado, a 30+ year Coding Manager from California

They share their thoughts on the role of documentation, especially in relation to communicating the patient's story, and what the effect of CDI work is on effective coding.

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Wiser Wednesday: EHRs - What is their purpose, anyway?

cdi wiser wednesday Nov 06, 2019

November's Wiser Wednesday-Experience Speaks podcast where Glenn Krauss invites our Special Guests:

  • Craig Mills, Business Development Director for MBOS and
  • Dr. Doug Cutler, a practicing hospitalist at Yavapai Medical Center

They share their thoughts on why the EHR must be thought of as a communication tool rather than just a reimbursement tool.

What should CDI be accomplishing to help facilitate recognition of the EHR as a communication tool that benefits the patient, the physician and all healthcare stakeholders. If the record is treated as a communication first and foremost, optimal reimbursement will be forthcoming.

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Wiser Wednesday: KPIs for CDI Programs - What do they measure and why?

cdi wiser wednesday Oct 15, 2019

Our inaugural show was moderated by Glenn Krauss, CEO & Founder of Core-CDI with Special Guests:

  • Terrance Govender, VP of Medical Affairs for ClinIntell
  • Heidi Hillstrom, CDI Professional at St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth, MN

They discuss KPIs for CDI programs as they are commonly being used today…

  • Do current KPIs in CDI accurately and dependably measure true performance of a CDI program?
  • Are these current measures valid and reliable? If so, to what purpose?
  • What constitutes valid and reliable measures of CDI performance for driving and achieving continual documentation improvement?

Listen in to hear the scoop on the current state of affairs in CDI when it comes to KPI measures and understand why the profession is simply measuring the wrong indicators, continuing to go down the wrong path using the wrong approach to achieving documentation improvement.

Future shows will include cutting edge topics aside from CDI, with thought...

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