TopGun Audit School

 TopGun Audit School is a coaching service for hospitals and clinicians that helps them increase quality and revenue through improved clinical documentation and processes.

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Our Concept

This is a short 3-minute video that explains the Why, the What and the How of TopGun Audit School, LLC, a Texas-based Non-Profit.


The Co-Founders & Head Coaches at TopGun Audit School

Ernie de los Santos


Co-Founder, Maximizer

Process & Strategy Expert

Ernie de los Santos is Founder of Appeal Academy and Creator of Finally Friday! LIVE, President and Co-Founder of Top Gun Audit School, LLC, and the Executive Director of the Council for Certification of Medical Auditors, Inc. – the CCMA. Ernie is known for his creativity and passion for supporting healthcare providers and facilities in continuously improving their processes, finances and their ability to do what they meant to do when they went into healthcare in the first place: take care of patients.

Ernie founded Appeal Academy and Finally Friday! LIVE in 2011; and continues to produce bi-weekly free webinars on process improvement and regulatory compliance – now numbering over 230 shows and counting. Ernie is also the producer and moderator of the Empowering Physician Advisors Shows, since 2017.

He first entered the healthcare industry in 2006, developing software for his creation, the RAC Shadow Agency, tasked with watching the CMS Recovery Audit Contractors websites for new and changed issues being posted.

Prior to that, he spent over 20 years in research and development of new business models and production processes, working on projects for Fortune 100 corporations, including Coca-Cola, Kodak, SONY, Panasonic, MCI, US Sprint and the International Olympic Committee.

During that time, he was instrumental in changing business practices and processes in two different industries through the use of automation, digital equipment, and computer technology - the professional audio industry and the retail portrait industry.

After spending 5 years in the US Air Force, Ernie was in business with his father in Central Texas, to sell, engineer and install sound systems and light shows for night clubs, restaurants and roller rinks.

He holds degrees in Archaeology, Computer Science, and Marketing.

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Dr. Maria Johar


Co-Founder, Physician Advisor
People & Technology Expert

Dr. Maria Johar is Physician Advisor in Toledo Ohio and works for Ensemble Health partners which has clients in over 30 states.

She is a physician with a Masters in Business Administration, and was certified as a professional in healthcare quality. She comes with over twenty -five years of experience in the fields of Utilization Review, Quality, Denials and Appeals, Joint Commission, Clinical Documentation, Safety and Infection Control.

She is trained in LEAN methodology for system improvements. 

Prior to working for Ensemble Health Partners she worked as an Independent Physician Advisor for the UH Health system, ProMedica Health System, Mercy Health System, Lima Memorial Health System and Liberty Medical Center. She has worked with the Ohio State Medicaid board on several process improvement initiatives. She has worked as a private consultant to physician offices and Hospitals.

She is a published author, writing a book called DRG Tools in 2011.

She was awarded the Inventor of the year in 2016 for a web-based solution to prevent surgical denials, saving millions for the organizations that are currently using it.

She lives in Toledo with her family. She married her college sweetheart 32 years ago, has two boys and two dogs. She loves to travel and has cruised multiple times to find the sun during the winter months.

She sits on the Lucas county suicide prevention board, and is a member of the American College of Physician Advisors, National and State case management associations and the National Association of Healthcare Quality.

She is a faculty member for a several national webcasts like Finally FridayI LIVE, Empowering Physician Advisors Show, and is a Co-Founder and Coach for Top Gun Audit School, LLC.

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Glenn Krauss

Co-Founder, CDI Visionary
CDI & Transformation Expert

Glenn Krauss is well-recognized and respected subject matter expert in the revenue cycle with a specialized emphasis and focus upon collaborating and working closely with physicians in promoting, advocating for, educating and achieving sustainable improvement in clinical documentation that accurately reflects and reports the communication of fully informed coordinated patient care.

His experiences include working with a wide variety of healthcare systems spanning the entire spectrum ranging from critical access hospitals, community hospitals, Federal Qualified Healthcare Centers to large academic medical centers and fully integrated healthcare systems.

He possesses twenty-five plus years of progressive practical hands on experience in clinical coding and documentation improvement, subscribing to the philosophy that quality of medical record documentation strongly correlates with overall quality of care achieved and the overall achievement of a high performing revenue cycle.

Glenn has demonstrated the unique skill sets and core knowledge of principles and standards in best practices of clinical documentation, effectively and successfully driving physician engagement through proven strategies that create and foster a sustainable model for clinical documentation improvement.

What sets Glenn apart in the clinical documentation improvement arena is the recognition of clinical documentation effectiveness, accuracy, completeness and contextual consistency as fundamentally integral and intertwined with all components of the revenue cycle.

He is a professional speaker, sought after for speaking engagements throughout the country on a wide variety of cutting edge thought provocative clinical documentation improvement topics and subjects. Glenn has served on the ACDIS Advisory Board as well as founded the WI ACDIS Chapter, leading a very active chapter for six years. The inspiration for creation of Core-CDI was the goal of creating a forum for sharing thought provocative ideas and concepts on all things CDI including an awareness of the opportunity to transform the profession of CDI to one that truly supports the patient and the overall healthcare delivery model.

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