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How Outpatient CDI Can Save Your Hospital TODAY

A unique coaching webinar that will show you the best way to begin using Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvemen...

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Why Payers Love Your Queries

Learn to use a simple 5-part formula and a simple system to teach how to avoid insufficiencies, errors and just plain...

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"Be The BUZZ" Coding Roundtables for Excellence

A Roundtable Discussion for Medical Coders who pursue Excellence in their work. Includes AAPC CEUs, usable for AHIMA ...

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CDI Gold - Roundtable Talks for Achieving Excellence

A Roundtable Discussion for Advanced CDI Topics and CDI Specialists who pursue Excellence in their work. Includes Cer...

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How to Do a Thorough CDI Chart Review in 5 Minutes Webinar Series

Three coaching webinars with 9 examples show you how Glenn Krauss uses a simple template to review a chart in 5 minut...

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Glenn Krauss Coaching Modules

CDI Evangelist Glenn Krauss coaches you on CDI topics to make you Excellent!

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John Zelem Coaching Modules

John Zelem coaches you on the key points to produce Quality Documentation.

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Maria Johar Coaching Modules

Maria Johar discusses the DRG Tool she created for multiple DRGs and multiple facilities, still be used today

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Level Up Your Skills with Sharon Easterling

As a coach at Top Gun Audit Upskillz Team is dedicated to helping you transform as we navigate the change and disrupt...

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Mary Gregory Coaching Modules

AHIMA Approved Trainer Mary Gregory coaches you on Coding topics to make you Excellent!

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How Can Outpatient CDI Save Your Hospital TODAY?

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Inpatient vs. Observation - Make It Simple & Avoid Denials

Proper documentation makes everything more simple to decide... The role of clinical documentation is defined, with ke...

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