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Glenn Krauss Coaching Modules

CDI Evangelist Glenn Krauss coaches you on CDI topics to make you Excellent!

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John Zelem Coaching Modules

John Zelem coaches you on the key points to produce Quality Documentation.

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Maria Johar Coaching Modules

Maria Johar discusses the DRG Tool she created for multiple DRGs and multiple facilities, still be used today

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Level Up Your Skills with Sharon Easterling

As a coach at Top Gun Audit Upskillz Team is dedicated to helping you transform as we navigate the change and di...

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Why the Payers are Winning and You're Not - What Game Theory Can Teach You About Beating Them at Their Own Game

How do you explain when all the money invested in Revenue Cycle Integrity doesn't show a real reduction in denia...

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Inpatient vs. Observation - Make It Simple & Avoid Denials

Proper documentation makes everything more simple to decide... The role of clinical documentation is defined, with ke...

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Avoid the Gray Rhino: Recognize Medical Necessity Denials Before They Run You Over

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Why CDI & Coders Need a Better Understanding of E&M Documentation & How to Achieve It

Do you get involved (or wish you did) with auditing E&M Documentation? Do you understand what’s differenta...

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Medical Necessity and CDI

Medical Necessity-What Role Does CDI Play? Insufficient documentation and lack of medical necessity accounted for 87...

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What CDI Can Learn from All Those Pesky Medical Necessity Denials

How YOU can use “Bullet Time” (ala The Matrix) to Avoid Denials? Learn how to DODGE denials in REAL TIME...

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The Mechanics of Chart Review

Learn the intricacies to dissecting a medical record. Get guidance and instruction on the key methodologies to identi...

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How Learning CDI Principles Can Save Your Job, Even if You’re Not a CDS

Two Industry Veterans review how ANY job connected to a Hospital Revenue Cycle can learn enough about CDI principles ...

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