$197.00 USD

Learn Key Story Telling Skills for Physicians and Auditors

Hear Two Industry Veterans in Auditing and Documenting Teaching How to Save Time while Avoiding both Queries and Denials.

What you'll get in 4 20-minute talks - both video and podcast versions:

  • Every Patient Story has a Beginning, a Middle and an Ending. Did you tell the whole story in the medical record?

  • The Solution to Copy & Paste is to add Review & Edit. Something different happens daily: say so!

  • Avoid the Common Clinical & Temporal Disconnects and inconsistencies. The stories you tell must make sense to all.

  • The key points to cover in common high value diagnoses are easily discernable by study of denials and common sense.

Also: this purchase includes a 1-year subscription to everything posted and all the new webinars and podcasts coming up.