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LIVE Wednesday October 9 @ 1pm ET

Announcing a free Podcast sponsored by Top Gun Audit School, held on the first Wednesday of every month from 1 to 1:30 PM EST - [ok, so we missed this month's 1st Wed... oops]










1st Wednesday of Each Month @ 1:00 -1:30 PM ET


Our inaugural show will be broadcast beginning October 9th - moderated by Glenn Krauss, CEO & Founder of Core-CDI with Special Guests:

  • Terrance Govender, VP of Medical Affairs for ClinIntell
  • Heidi Hillstrom, CDI Professional at St Luke’s

We will be discussing KPIs for CDI programs as they are commonly being used today…

  • Do current KPIs in CDI accurately and dependably measure true performance of a CDI program?
  • Are these current measures valid and reliable? If so, to what purpose?
  • What constitutes valid and reliable measures of CDI performance for driving and achieving continual documentation improvement?

Listen in to the first show to hear the scoop on the current state of affairs in CDI when it comes to KPI measures and understand why the profession is simply measuring the wrong indicators, continuing to go down the wrong path using the wrong approach to achieving documentation improvement.

Future shows will include cutting edge topics aside from CDI, with thought provoking discussion on the myriad of challenges hospitals face in the revenue cycle, begging the need for novel solutions to conquer and survive in the current economic climate of healthcare.

Strategies to Transform from Denials Management to Denials Avoidance

Our coaches outline the best working strategies to use CDI to transform Denials Management to Denials Avoidance. Two veteran CDI experts reveal the strategies that WORK, including tools that help identify Root Causes of Denials. Includes LIVE and On-Demand Recording, with PDF of the slides, for just $35.

“A coach is someone who can give you correction without resentment.”

- John Wooden, Hall of Fame College Basketball Coach

Coaching vs Consulting

Top Gun Audit School believes in Coaching. Consultants are fine, but they come and go. But a Coach makes you better over time, holds you accountable, and most importantly BELIEVES IN YOU & what you're doing.

Documentation. Period.

85% of hospital denials are due to poor or missing documentation. Top Gun Audit School coaches you in what auditors look for and how to get that into the medical records, which helps solve many other issues.

Three Simple Goals

Top Gun Audit School is focused on the keys to Why and How for Documentation that...
1. Avoids Audits.
2. If Audited, Avoids Denials.
3. If Denied, Wins Appeals.


Lots of CDI Specialists are wondering how they can CHANGE the way they operate today - as just Task Masters of the Finance Department - instead of as a source of insights into documentation and revenue integrity, ready to help teach methods of avoiding denials and expensive write-offs. So... Come watch how it can be done!

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We have plenty more to say about our new process for coaching Physicians, CDIS and Revenue Cycle Professionals. So Stay Tuned!


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