Learn to Defeat Audits the Same Way Navy Top Gun Pilots Learn to Defeat the Other Guys

Get coaching on how the Payer Auditors work and think, how you can become excellent at any hospital revenue cycle job, and how to frustrate Payer audits so much that they stop issuing ridiculous denials and leave you alone, so you can keep providing great care.

Why the Payers Are Winning And You're Not

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How do you explain when things don't go as you assumed? Or, how do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all the assumptions?

How do you explain when all the money invested in CDI Programs, Physician Advisors, Coding, Billing, Case Managers doesn't show improvement in the number of denials received, appeals to be submitted, and dollars written off?

Learn What Game Theory Can Teach You About the Revenue Cycle
Learn how YOU can BEAT the Payers at their Own Game!

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Lots of CDI Specialists are wondering how they can CHANGE the way they operate today - as just Task Masters of the Finance Department - instead of as a source of insights into documentation and revenue integrity, ready to help teach methods of avoiding denials and expensive write-offs. So... Come watch how it can be done!

Top Gun Audit School will LAUNCH YOU to Excellence

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Pursue Excellence with Our Customized Continuous Learning & Coaching Programs

Webinars, seminars and conferences are helpful - but just not enough to truly drive improvement. Coaching is needed. So that's what we've added to the mix, offering indivudual and small group coaching, on top of it all.

Top Gun Audit School Academy

Our Library of Online & OnDemand Resources, Tools and References for all your hospital's Revenue Cycle Professionals & Providers, provided by nationally known Experts and our TGAS Coaches.

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Top Gun Ground School for Revenue Cycle

Your hospital's Revenue Cycle Professionals choose topics to customize an on-site full day seminar, provided by nationally known Subject Matter Experts and our TGAS Coaches, including OnDemand recordings.

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Guided Progress System (GPS) Coaching

12-months of Group Coaching to effectively improve communication and clinical documentation, reduce overall administrative burden, support retention of reimbursements 
and reduce preventable deaths.

TGAS Academy & TGGS

Glenn Krauss on Medical Necessity and CDI

CDI Visionary and Evangelist Glenn Krauss outlines how important Medical Necessity is and how CDI professionals can better support including it in the medical record. Includes On-Demand Recording, with PDF of the slides, for just $35.

“A coach is someone who can give you correction without resentment.”

- John Wooden, Hall of Fame College Basketball Coach

Coaching vs Consulting

Top Gun Audit School believes in Coaching. Consultants are fine, but they come and go. But a Coach makes you better over time, holds you accountable, and most importantly BELIEVES IN YOU & what you're doing.

Documentation. Period.

85% of hospital denials are due to poor or missing documentation. Top Gun Audit School coaches you in what auditors look for and how to get that into the medical records, which helps solve many other issues.

Three Simple Goals

Top Gun Audit School is focused on the keys to Why and How for Documentation that...
1. Avoids Audits.
2. If Audited, Avoids Denials.
3. If Denied, Wins Appeals.

Don't Miss Out

We have plenty more to say about our new process for coaching Physicians, CDIS and Revenue Cycle Professionals. So Stay Tuned!


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